Therapist (he/him)

Fun fact: I am a descendent of two Merry Pranksters.


More About Me...

I remember the feeling of seeing a therapist for the first time. On one hand, I felt empowered that I was taking action and hopeful for change. On the other, I felt shame that I needed help and had difficulty feeling as though I could trust a counselor. I am grateful for the empathy and warmth I was met with in that first session, and I hope that I can provide the same for you.

I became a therapist because I believe every human being, no matter what they are going through or what they have done, is worthy of dignity, respect, and empathy. I feel a profound sense of privilege and a deep sense of purpose when I connect with someone in their pain, and, by virtue of that connection, help them to heal.

Most of us have encountered that inner voice that says:

“I am not worthy”

“I should be happier”

“Why am I such a screw up?”

“No one could ever love me”

When we imagine someone else talking to us this way, we’d probably tell them to get lost. Indeed, it is often ourselves with whom we find the least compassion.

You are both the stone and the builder- rather than reject the stone, I invite you to look upon it with curiosity. How would you shape it? When you stand back here, can you see how some of the fault lines create a beautiful pattern and give the stone character and definition? What aspect of it would you like to build up and accentuate? What meaning can you find in how it was shaped?

I practice from a humanistic perspective and believe that each person is the expert on their own experience and is doing their best with where they are at. I will meet you there, offer guidance in making the changes you want to make, gently challenge you, and help you derive meaning from your experience.

I am experienced in treating anxiety, depression, ADHD, and addiction. I have also helped many individuals navigate life transitions, relationships, and identity issues. My practice incorporates Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, mindfulness, CBT, and somatic modalities. As a professional, I am always examining the research and pursuing trainings that offer promising efficacy and best suit my clients’ needs.

Education & Trainings

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate (P016723)

Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (27409)

Master of Social Work – Western Carolina University

BA in Creative Writing – Humboldt State University

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Clinical Trauma Professional

Gorski Relapse Prevention Therapy

Rates & Insurance

– 60 minute session – $125

Insurance – currently in network with BCBS and United.

Sliding scale available upon request.

“There are no prerequisites for worthiness.” – Brené Brown