Hello! I am Lydia Kickliter and I am co-founder of Mending Roots Healing Center. My business partner, Crystal Nero, and I decided to open this healing space to offer our community a greater opportunity to access the healing modalities we have seen open up the biggest spots of relief.

What we will be continuing to do over the next months and years is adding practitioners to the Mending Roots community that are devoted to whole body healing. That will include psychotherapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, medication providers and who knows who else!

When Crystal and I sat down to discuss partnering to create this business, we agreed that we wanted to offer a workspace where people could be supported and motivated to grow. So many of our previous jobs were spaces that we didn’t want to go to daily and didn’t want to stay at long term. We were surrounded by clinicians who really wanted to do good work but were not supported or heard. The thing about being a psychotherapist and helping jobs that are similar, is that the healer is the tool. As such, that tool needs to be well taken of. Healing work is sacred work. We passionately believe that the healers have to be cared for so the healing can happen. We are so excited to create a community where we can support one another and help newer professionals grow their desires.

Our name was something Crystal came up with for her own personal business. I was always a little jealous because I had been telling potential clients that the work I do with people is like a root canal. We are not filling the hole of the cavity; we are getting to the root and clearing things out! When Crystal and I joined forces, it was an easy yes for me to say that our name should be Mending Roots Healing Center. Crystal has a big heart and deep passion for helping people struggling with addiction, struggling couples and families. I’ve been working with women to help heal their wounds from family of origin and the patriarchal society. We have been mending roots for years! This name feels like such a good fit.

Community is a word Crystal and I are using a lot. Probably too much, but sometimes the English language leaves you with little choices. What we both understand is that humans cannot really accomplish anything without help. Whether that be building a business, recovering from addiction, or becoming a better clinician, we need each other. This weekend our community came together to help us create our vision in our new office space at 577 Haywood Road in Asheville, North Carolina. At any point over the course of the weekend you would have seen me wiping away tears as I was overwhelmed by how willing our people were to show up and help us begin to develop the safe space we are dreaming of. The pictures following are basically a love letter because love is what brought them out to help and love is what kept them going long past the time their bodies said they were done.

Stay tuned for more blogs of introduction and growth!

Looking forward to serving the community of Asheville!