Mending Roots Healing Center tends to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of clients when treating substance use. We are rooted in attachment while addressing underlying trauma.

How do things grow, especially in an environment that seems set up against them? Who determines what is a weed and needs to be pulled, and what is not, and is allowed to stay? How does anything grow? Are there always growing pains? We are here to navigate the unknown with you and uncover your greatest self. Life can often feel hard, confusing, and overwhelming. You may find yourself stuck in old patterns, disconnected or feeling out of control. You may WANT to decrease substance use while finding yourself repeating destructive cycles.

Treating substance use allows for:

  • Healing of your inner child
  • Reconnecting with your true self
  • Unveiling self worth
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Managing impulses
  • Repairing relationships
  • Decreasing shame and isolation
  • Building community

Our clinicians are here to honor each unique recovery journey and guide you on your path to lasting recovery.

“A hurt is at the center of all addictive behaviors… The wound may not be as deep and the ache not as excruciating, and it may even be entirely hidden—but it’s there.” – Gabor Maté