Being a teen is HARD!

Teenage years are some of the most challenging, awkward, and frustrating years of an individual’s life. Teens are trapped in the in-between, of adulthood and childhood, and with that there comes some struggle and uncertainty. Imagine waking up feeling irritable, sad, and nervous and not having any idea why.

Physically and emotionally everything in a teen’s life is changing, and yet they are in intense situations while discovering anxiety, low self-esteem, peer pressure, acne, and heartbreak simultaneously. Science (our best friend) has proven mood swings are a biological part of transitioning into the teen years.

Imagine having multiple bosses in your life telling you what to do and having power over your daily life and future. Typically, teenagers must deal with different teachers, and parents or guardians continually weighing in on what they think to be best for the teenager. Sometimes these recommendation and directives come without curiosity of the teenager’s feelings or thoughts about the topic at hand.

Imagine what it might be like to also try and please all bosses who have different emotional intelligence, degrees, and levels of competence. And if you do not please them, there are consequences, or future events on the line. This is where we see teenagers fight hard for independence and autonomy.

Teenagers are struggling for their identity and want to be different, yet fit in. The internal conflict can come out in behavior. The fight is to be seen and heard, and yet they do not always have the regulation, or verbal language to communicate this, so they communicate through behavior… sometimes, poor behavior to your standard.

As a parent we are confident you try and connect, and “get it right” with your teen, and yet your teen may appear angry, shut down or annoyed by your efforts. Sometimes you are not in harmony, and the reminder that no matter hard you try, you might not fully understand. It is hard to remember exactly what it felt like to be a teenager, and most importantly teens today are faced with challenges we could not imagine!

Reasons for Therapy...

– Anxiety and depression
– Low self-esteem
– Academic pressures
– Social skills
– Increased irritability and anger
– Grief
– Identity exploration
– Social skills
– Trauma
– Self-harm
– Peer pressure
– Relationship struggles
– Life transitions or family changes

Benefits of Therapy...

– Skills to navigate anxiety and depression
– Increased confidence
– Stress management skills
– Increased decision making
– Increased self-awareness
– Increase in navigating impulses and moods
– Greater connection in relationships

How much will I be involved with my teen’s therapy?

There will be some involvement with your teen’s therapy as they are still minors. The first session will involve caregivers, so we gain a full understating and perspective from both of you of the dynamics, patterns, and concerns. As parents you want to know that your teenager is making progress and sharing in sessions.

Your teen, on the other hand may be apprehensive to share if they believe everything will be reported back to you. As therapists we hold a balance of sharing general topics with you surrounding your teen’s struggle and how to help them, or recommendations for the family system. There are some things you can be certain of your teen’s therapist will share with you such as suicidal intent, and abuse. You will have time to speak with your teen’s therapist to explain limits of confidentiality in more detail at the beginning or the treatment process.

Mending Roots Healing Center is here to help your teen and your family get out of power struggle and become more connected along with having some FUN!

“I think teenagers push boundaries because their lives are so confusing; they want to know what will hold fast. The only way to find out is to push.” – Kathleen Bauer